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Four Mining Industry Experts Discuss Their Investment Criteria—Part II: The Hard Part

Released on Wednesday, August 25, 2021COMMODITIES
When you've spent most of your career immersed in a particular fieldin this case, the mining sectoryou develop a spidey sense about which under-the-radar gems have the potential to become home runs. This panel of veteran mining experts with decades of experience will discuss the critical things they look at when making an investment decision and some of the fatal flaws. Each of them will pick one company that meets their criteria and explain why. The insights you will gain from this session will help you develop a skill set that enables you to make maximum profits while minimizing losses when investing in this high-reward, but sometimes, high-risk sector.

Brent Cook
Exploration Insights, Economic Geologist and Senior Advisor
Joe Mazumdar
Exploration Insights, Editor, Analyst, and Publisher
Tim Oliver
Mining Industry, Consultant
Justin Tolman
Sprott Global Resource Investments, Ltd., Economic Geologist

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