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The Great Debate About Actively Managed ETFs

Released on Thursday, December 2, 2021ETFs
Would you be willing to sacrifice transparency for potential returns? Would you forego daily disclosure for added flexibility? Those questions and more lie at the center of the passive vs. active ETF debate, the latest version of which will happen right before your eyes as part of this special panel! So be there as the pros discuss the advantages and distinct risk factors of new, actively managed ETFs. See which side you're on, and through the course of a spirited debate, get the help you need to decide whether actively managed ETFs are right for you.

Eric Balchunas
Bloomberg Intelligence, Senior ETF Analyst
Laurent Boukobza
Mackenzie Investments, VP ETF Strategist
Lisa Langley
Emerge Canada, Inc., CEO and President
Jonathan Needham, CIM, MBA
TD Asset Management Inc., Vice President & Director, Lead of ETF Distribution

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