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BioHarvest Sciences: Bringing the Power of the Plant to the People

Released on Wednesday, July 27, 2022BIOTECH
Now trading on the OTCQB, BioHarvest Sciences uses its patented BIO Plant Cellicitation platform to grow plant cells without growing the plant. CEO Ilan Sobel will focus on how the technology platform is now being commercialized, with its VINIA nutraceutical product about to scale in the US and forecast to sell more than $5M USD in 2022. In addition, Ilan will provide great detail on the Company's North America Entry Strategy with its disruptive Cannabis proposition which addresses the major challenges facing cannabis operators in the North American market; specifically, the need to drive innovative product experiences with delivering consistent full spectrum cannabis at lower manufacturing costs with unique sustainability credentials. Now is the time for investors to discover BioHarvest!

Ilan Sobel
BioHarvest Sciences, CEO

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