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Blockchain Cashflow: Earn 15-30% Monthly Compounded APR in FDIC Insured Account

Released on Wednesday, July 14, 2021Blockchain

Join Greg Writer, CEO of Lifestyle Wealth Solutions, and Jeff Barnes, CEO of Angel Investors Network, to discover how you can earn 15%-30% monthly compounded APR while your money is sitting in a FDIC insured account. Using the power of AI software, super computers, and Blockchain you will learn how you can profit from the disruption in the banking, cybersecurity, healthcare, and government industries by Blockchain and these supercomputers. HINT: The money is made with the picks and shovels!

In addition, this technology with the right strategy can help homeowners save 15-30% on their monthly mortgage payments, pay off their home in four to seven years, and lock in your equity against the looming market decline.

Jeff Barnes
Launch Cart, President and Chairman
Greg Writer
Launch Cart, Inc., CEO

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