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Multi-Year Strategy Results in Multi-Year Success

Released on Tuesday, July 26, 2022REAL ESTATE
The Covid-19 pandemic has been our second real-time stress test. Similar to the 2008-09 financial crisis, the 2020-21 period has validated the National Retail Properties business model and the strength of both our balance sheet and portfolio.

By staying true to our decades-long strategy of taking a multi-year view and conservatively managing the balance sheet, our business withstood the Covid-19 pandemic with minimal long-term impact. We had strong rent collections, maintained historically high occupancy, and increased our annual dividend for the 32nd consecutive year.

By maintaining and executing a multi-year approach, we avoid getting caught up in short-term market distractions. As a result, our stockholders have received a 25-year average annual total return of 11.6%.

Join us and learn how NNN's stable, consistent dividend income could fit into your portfolio.

Chris Barry
National Retail Properties, Inc., VP, Corporate Communications and Investor Relations

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