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Introduction: Open with introductions and set the stage with succinct backgrounds Brexit: We'll be approx. two weeks before Brexit. We are uniquely situated as a London-based firm with global reach who just opened in the States with an American CEO. We anticipate Brexit will be a hot topic throughout the show and we can assert leadership on the topic. US Opportunity: Why IG is investing in the US market, the long-term opportunity, how IG can apply its globally-awarded services to the US market, etc. Macro View of the U.S. FX Market: DFX has some great data on the US market. FX volumes are increasing. We feel the market had been fairly stagnant over the past few years. Increase in competition - i.e. arrival of IG - will help lift the market. What Traders Should Expect from Their Broker: With a room full of retail traders, our panel is uniquely suited to give advice for what traders should expect from their broker - what questions to ask, attentive customer service, trusted provider, etc. This should position IG well. Women in Trading: There's an increasing focus on women in trading. June and Kim each, we would assume, have very unique experiences as women leading firms in the trading industry. March 8th is International Women's Day as well.
Daniel Gramza
Duration: 19:56