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Energy Sector AMA "Ask Me Anything": A Broad-Based Update on the Sector

Released on Wednesday, June 7, 2023ENERGY
Oil prices approached their year-to-date lows in May. At a macro level, monetary tightening remains front and center in the headlines. Interest rate hikes around the world have the effect of dampening economic growth and thus oil demand. Meanwhile, oil market trading volumes are also at unusually low levels. In early April, the OPEC production cut provided a reminder that supply-side variables also need to be watched, even though the oil market's attention is firmly on the demand side of the equation. We are also monitoring the impact of sanctions and divestments on the Russian oil industry, as well as the outlook for capital spending industrywide. This discussion will also cover the latest in energy transition. What is happening with climate policy in China, Europe, and the U.S.? How are wind, solar, and other renewables scaling? What is the outlook for electric vehicle sales, and what is the read-through for oil demand?

Pavel Molchanov
Raymond James & Associates, Managing Director

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