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3 Ways to Profit from 50-Year Innovation to Drug Safety and Global Consumer Packaging

Released on Wednesday, October 28, 2020ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENTS
The global packaging industry is poised for materially disruptive changes that will impact markets across the spectrum, from healthcare, to detergents, to consumer household products, and more. Knowing about these coming changes before they happen can help you invest ahead of the curve and reap maximum profit. Learn about the packaging technologies that are preventing second-order effects of Covid-19 and more importantly, learn about the company leading this 50-year-old revolution in global cap and closure markets in partnership with major national retailers, healthcare, and CPG companies. See why Walmart, Target, and others are jumping on board with its newest products. Milton Cohen, a CEO with several successful exits in healthcare and other sectors, leads Safe Rx and shares how you can benefit from the coming revolution in consumer product safety.

Milton Cohen
Caring Closures International, CEO

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