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Got the Inflation Blues? We've Got Them Beat with 10.25% Fixed Rates!

Released on Wednesday, April 20, 2022INCOME
Yrefy (why refi) refinances distressed private student loans with it's unique, proprietary, and highly successful program. As the sole company addressing this $21 billion market, they are pleased to offer their fourth Portfolio—Yrefy SLP4, LLC, a secured and collateralized Reg D 506(c) portfolio for Accredited Investors.

Join Yrefy's Chief Investment Officer & Managing Partner, Laine Schoneberger, for a discussion on how their portfolio gives maximum flexibility to investors through a five-rung ladder structure:

  • Investors can place their investment in any, or each of the one, two-, three-, four-, or five-year terms, with increased fixed-interest rates for each successive year.
  • Investors can choose to compound or take income&mdashselected monthly and independently for each ladder tranche.
  • Powerfully, investors can keep flexibility in shorter terms, but then roll forward at a term's maturity— with full credit for time vested.

SLP4 does it all! High-fixed rates, extremely flexible and friendly compounding, or income, and roll forward credit at maturity.

Laine Schoneberger
Yrefy, LLC , Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer

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