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How Will This Secular Bull Market End?

Released on Saturday, June 15, 2019MARKETS
How and when will this secular bull market end? Probably not in a way or when you think. Long-term secular bull markets have usually ended in long term bear markets. This secular bull has been running since 2009. When will it end? How will it end? John Templeton said bull markets are born on pessimism; grow on skepticism; mature on optimism; die on euphemism. Every secular bull market in the past has ended in a long bear market. Maybe it will end in a Great Recession like 2007-9, but probably not. Don't get caught looking in the rear-view window. We will examine the lessons learned in the great secular bull markets: one at the turn of 18th to 19th century and the other secular bull from1982 to 2000. We will examine what drove those secular bull markets; the similarities and the differences with the current secular bull. We will examine the most probable way this long-term bull market will end and when.

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