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Connecting People Everywhere with Communications, Infrastructure, and Transportation

Released on Wednesday, February 17, 2021TECHNOLOGY

Entrepreneur and Charge Enterprises (CRGE) founder and CEO, Andrew Fox, shares the company's strategy to drive success with its stakeholders.

Communications and transportation are changing faster than ever before! Join Andrew Fox as he takes you on a journey of what Charge does from connecting your phone calls, powering micro-mobility, and delivering your packages. Telecom, micro-mobility infrastructure and last mile delivery are some of the least negatively impacted sectors by the global pandemic, and he will discuss the enormous demand that working from home and people being furloughed during Covid-19 placed on physical and digital networks, with traffic up in some countries by 40% in a matter of weeks, how the crisis has caused companies and individuals to think about what exactly this new normal will look like, and how increased communications, micro-mobility infrastructure, and transport options create huge opportunity. With three successful acquisitions completed, Charge is positioned to capitalize on this secular change.

Andrew Fox
Charge Enterprises, Inc., Founder and CEO

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