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The American economy and U.S. corporate profits are likely to continue to endure slow growth for many domestic reasons: Rising savings rate, intrusive and anti-growth government policies, intransigent domestic politics, massive entitlement and debt loads, and an unsolved healthcare system, to name a few. Internationally, the U.S. (and indeed, the world) faces economic slowdowns from Brexit and the EU, from a deterioration in China's prospects, from a weakening of the oil sector, and from the uncertainty introduced by the many geo-political hot spots. It is highly likely that these discouraging economic/geopolitical conditions will encourage even more monetary and even fiscal stimulus. The talk will, of course, discuss the economic and markets background, and also attempt to present suggestions on how to resolve the adverse conditions so describedin order to ramp up U.S. and world GDP growth. Attend to learn: . What are the relevant causes of the sluggish world-wide economic outlook?. How might we change the culture in Washington to reduce uncertainty and improve confidence in the private sector? . How to invest in publicly traded markets, private markets and inflation hedges to cope with and take advantage of today's environment.
Bruce Johnstone
Duration: 40:46