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With 2019 marking the 10-year anniversary for BMO ETFs, Kevin Prins (Managing Director, Head of ETF Distribution) will touch on advancement of ETFs over the years. The vast array of product in Canada has never been more diverse, and it continues to get bigger. The greater choice has helped build better investment portfolios that can be tailored to focus on income, growth, risk mitigation or themes. With all the advancements in ETF product capability, quality tools have never been more important for the investor to sort through the information and make an informed decision. At this session, investors will see a demonstration of how ETFs can be utilized to build a tailored investment portfolio that meets their objectives. This includes helping to identify ETF options from the full Canadian ETF universe, ability to compare ETFs against others and finally, view combinations of ETFs from a portfolio perspective. Bringing a Canadian perspective to ETFs has helped make BMO the second largest ETF provider in Canada while leading the field in Assets Under Management growth for the last 8 consecutive years.