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Paying 9% to 21% Annualized Paid Monthly with 5-Year Track Record

Released on Thursday, April 21, 2022Blockchain
Available only to accredited investors, this Financial Infrastructure Provider offers the opportunity to experience Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Mining with a consistent, predictable cash flow return. This investment, structured as an Equipment Sale/Leaseback, provides a significant return without exposure to the volatility of owning individual cryptocurrencies. Investors purchase and own the same computer equipment that the Company owns and uses. NFN8 then immediately leases the equipment back from the purchaser for a consistent US Dollar cash flow deposited directly by ACH into the purchaser's bank account. The investor's equipment is warehoused, operated, insured, and maintained by NFN8. At the end of the lease term, the equipment is purchased back from the investor for the full purchase price.

Steven Greene
NFN8 Group, Executive Vice President and Partner
Josh Moore
NFN8 Group, CEO and Partner
Cory Rodriguez
NFN8 Group, COO and Partner

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