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How to Always Be On the Right Side of the Market… ALWAYS!

Released on Friday, October 5, 2018MARKETS
Wouldn't be great if you could absolutely know, with 100% certainty, whether to be in or out of the market? Even better, wouldn't be great to know whether to be all in the market with bullish trades or all in the market with bearish trades? Spend 45 minutes with me and I'll show you exactly how to ALWAYS BE ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE MARKET. This strategy beat the market in the 50s; trounced the market in the 60s; obliterated the market in the 70s; crushed the market in the 80s; pummeled the market in the 90s; smashed the market in the 2000s; and massively outperformed the market in the 2010s. And, not one time, not in all the massive bear markets over the past 90 years, did this strategy have any major losses...not once; and it ALWAYS way outperformed the market. During this presentation, you will learn how to know the best time to get into and out of the market; how to NEVER FEAR a bear market and how know when to be a bull, a bear or wait on the sidelines and NEVER GUESS and, yesALWAYS be right. Impossible you say? Come listen to me to see why I can prove there is no hyperbole in this session descriptionNONE!

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