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Building a System for Trading Psychology

Released on Wednesday, October 6, 2021TRADING
If you're not working on the psychological side of trading, you're leaving money on the table. The costly errors that you continually make are not related to your trading skill and knowledge, they stem from your emotions and your mental game. In this presentation, mental game coach and author Jared Tendler, a leading expert in how mental game impacts performance, will demonstrate how to build a system for trading psychology and outlines a straightforward and logical system to deal with emotions so that they don't cause repetitive errors. Join and learn how to identify and recognize the role of greed, fear, anger, confidence, and discipline in trading, and discover how to map patterns so that they can address hidden performance flaws. You will come away with new tools that can lead to immediate improvement. Mr. Tendler has worked with top retail and institutional traders, poker players, and PGA Tour players to address hidden performance flaws and perform at their highest levels.

Jared Tendler
The Mental Game of Trading, Author

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