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Cultivating the Mindset of a Trader with Toni Hansen*

Released on Monday, October 31, 2022TRADING

Are you feeling stuck? You're not alone. Successful traders and investors don't become such by simply learning a strategy or two. It's a vital first step, but they also have two more things in common: discipline and what psychologist Carol Dweck calls "a growth mindset." Veteran trader, Toni Hansen, will explore concrete strategies she has used over the past 25 years to overcome obstacles in her trading career and how mindset, discipline, and technical analysis go hand in hand.

Life is crazy, unexpected, and always changing. No matter what you face, you need a system of trading and investing that lets you rapidly adapt to changing circumstances. Do you have one? Toni will share with you how she developed a system of market analysis that has allowed her to smoothly navigate the markets through the chaos that is life and how you, too, can persevere and succeed.

Toni Hansen, President and CEO

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