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Almost two years ago Green Leaf Farms International, recognized cannabinoid compounds would become commodity products as large pharmaceutical, health, beauty, and other medical and consumer product companies enter the market. The winner supplying these products would be the company that could provide the highest quality at the best price-and that would not be one based in North America. An exhaustive analytical study and intensive worldwide search identified the optimum location for this business: Jujuy Province, Argentina.Following extensive negotiations, an unprecedented joint venture, believed to be the first ever between a private company and governmental entity, was entered into with the Provincial government. The venture includes a 30-year, no cost lease for growing cannabis year-round on over 1000 acres of prime agricultural land and providing space in an adjacent tax-free zone for processing and export. But it gets better. The informed investor will recognize how the right to grow any and all strains of cannabis genetics, not simply hemp, without onerous North American taxes, regulations, or land and greenhouse costs provides an unparalleled opportunity for investors to profit in South America. A recent $1.2 million dollar investment and purchase commitment by an international cannabis company operating in over thirty countries proves GLFI's value.
Mark Bradley
Duration: 22:09