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High Fixed Interest Rates are Simply Academic

Released on Tuesday, November 16, 2021ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENTS
Yrefy (why refi) refinances distressed private student loans. Yrefy's Private Student Loan Refinance is unique, proprietary, and highly successful. As the sole company addressing this $21 billion market, the company is pleased to offer Portfolio 4 - Yrefy SLP4, LLC, secured and collateralized Reg D 506(c) to Accredited Investors.

SLP4 gives maximum flexibility to investors through a five-rung ladder structure.

  • Investors can place their investment in any, or each of the one, two-, three-, four-, or five-year terms, with increased fixed-interest rates for each successive year.
  • Investors can choose to compound or take income - selected monthly and independently for each ladder tranche.
  • Powerfully, investors can keep flexibility in shorter terms, but then roll forward at a term's maturity—with full surrender credit for time vested.
SLP4 does it all - high fixed rates, extremely flexible and friendly compounding or income, and roll forward credit at maturity.

Laine Schoneberger
Yrefy, LLC, Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer

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