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The 24-hour news cycle may be driving all of us crazy, but it also driving high-quality daily opportunities for short-term profits. The opening bell was once avoided by most traders and investors, as they waited out the first thirty minutes of the day so that the markets could "settle down." But access to a constant flow of information has moved much of the undesirable price action to the pre and post-market and made participation in the open a must for most hedge funds, institutions, and professional traders. Dr. Adrian Manz has been capitalizing on the opportunities offered by the open for over two decades, and in this workshop, he will share his very best strategy with you.Join Dr. Manz live in Orlando for a one-of-a-kind workshop where he will walk you through the precise decision-making process that can get you in front of profit potential every day. His strategies have stood the test of 20 years in the markets and can give you an edge that can make trading for less than 60 minutes a day part of your permanent investment strategy. To hone attendees' skills, everyone who attends this workshop will receive full documentation of everything discussed, plus access to Adrian's trades live each day after the workshop.
Adrian Manz
Duration: 45:50