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Day Trading Momentum Stock Breakouts and Gaps

Released on Wednesday, October 6, 2021STOCKS

Join popular trading coach Ken Calhoun for a fast-paced look at the very best strategies for day trading momentum stock entries and exits.

You'll see exactly how to:

  • Choose which chart patterns to trade each morning with easy scanning tips
  • Trade "meme" stocks like GME, AMC, and more
  • Set specific entries, stops, and exit targets
  • Reenter trades after getting shaken out, plus how to add to winners to scale in
  • Avoid false breakouts and missed entries
  • Use tape reading to improve your ability to see how strong an entry will be ahead of time

Bonus: Top 10 day trading chart patterns PDF included. Mr. Calhoun routinely day trades up to 70 round-trips daily in stocks and ETFs priced $5 to $40 per share. Look over his shoulder at live charts in this dynamic, professional presentation for active traders. No boring PowerPoint slides, instead you'll learn with live charts explained. Bring your questions!

Ken Calhoun, President

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