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How to Build a Low-Risk Growth & Income Portfolio Designed to Generate 7% to 10% per Year!

Released on Tuesday, December 7, 2021INCOME
The markets have had an incredible run this year, but you know this won't last forever. High-growth equities will be hit hard in the next major market correction (or bear market). Despite all the talk about higher rates, individual investors are still stuck in a zero-rate environment. Those looking for income have to take unreasonable risks that subject their capital to large losses in a market downturn.
During this presentation, Mike Turner will show you how he uses yield plus growth to target a goal of generating 7% to 10%+ in a stock and ETF portfolio. He will go over his equity selection process, his downside protection process, and the diversification strategy that he uses in his proprietary "Diversified Income Strategy" model portfolio.
After the presentation has ended, join Mr. Turner for a special Zoom conference during which he will answer your questions.

Mike Turner
Turner Capital Investments, President and Professional Portfolio Manager

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