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For nearly two years, safe haven assets have been on the rise. Growing fear due to uncertainty over a crippling virus has kept demand strong. But as virus-motivated lockdowns ease and the world attempts to go back to "normal" investors and traders are slowly, but seemingly shifting back to risk assets. Central banks around the world have vowed to continue providing liquidity and to do "whatever it takes" giving investors and traders re-assurance. And although these actions are seen by some as a stabilizing force today, they will come at a high cost tomorrow. In Omar Ayales' presentation, he'll review how different markets have reacted to the pandemic, global lockdowns, and the unfolding after-math. He will take you thru a chart-walk around the world, review price movement in key markets, and their relationship to one another. They hold the key to what lies ahead, stay tuned!
Omar Ayales
Duration: 36:43