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Using Market Profile and Volume Analytics with Traditional Technical Analysis

Released on Tuesday, September 15, 2020TOOLS

Join Damon Pavlatos for a 45-minute webinar where he will introduce how he uses market profile and volume analytics tools with traditional technical analysis. Market profile analysis is premised on the notion that any freely traded market behaves like an auction. Using market profile along with volume analytics identifies where buyers and sellers are most active, giving us insight into the strength of supply and demand at different price levels. Plotting the relative volume of trades occurring at specific prices, market profile charts isolate value zones identified and created by institutions, helping retail traders to see order flow and to anticipate directional bias during consolidations (in any time frame) as well as price levels where reversals are likely to occur.

Many traders have heard of market profile analysis or seen charts with multi-colored horizontal volume histograms but have little knowledge of how extraordinarily well this approach shows the real-time dynamics of supply and demand in relation to different prices. Damon Pavlatos will also share some tips and tricks he learned from his 42 years in the futures industry.

Damon Pavlatos
LD&K Trading Room, Full-Time Trader

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