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Fundamentals of Delta 9 and the Cannabis Industry

Released on Thursday, February 4, 2021CANNABIS

Delta 9 is a vertically integrated cannabis company with three revenue streams: cultivation/wholesale, retail stores, and B2B business selling grow pods, genetics, and consulting services.

The company's three-prong growth strategy for revenue going forward will focus on expanding its retail store network and continue to market its low-price leadership strategy at new and existing stores. Delta 9 will continue to build momentum in the cannabis wholesale segment with a focus on expanding product distribution in its seven provincial markets and continue to expand B2B business with a focus on creating relationships in the Canadian micro cultivation industry and expansion into emerging markets in the USA.

Management is confident that its specific focus on revenue growth, gross profitability, and prudent cost controls will provide earnings growth over the coming quarters.

John Arbuthnot
Delta 9 Cannabis, CEO

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