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Can the Fantastic Five Continue to Carry Stocks to All-Time Highs?

Released on Tuesday, June 11, 2024STOCKS

Nvidia and artificial intelligence are all the rage. Without the doubling in share prices of the Magnificent 7 (Amazon, Alphabet, Apple, Meta, Microsoft, Nvidia, and Tesla) in 2023, the 26.3% total returns of the S&P500 would have been just 9.9%. Can a market that is surging on just a handful of stocks keep hitting new highs? Why are investors willing to pay such lofty prices for these mega tech companies? Will any fall the way of Tesla, which is down almost -30% in 2024? (Many were the biggest losers in 2022.) How can investors profit from the promise of AI without getting swallowed up by the volatility?   

Nvidia carries a $3 trillion valuation, even though the company only earned $30 billion in 2023. Apple and Tesla were on fire last year, but are losing revenue year over year, which is why the Magnificent 7 are now the Fantastic 5. Learn how to profit, capture gains, lean into super performers and underweight laggards, and make sure that we have enough safety to smooth out the market gyrations in this invaluable session.  

Natalie Pace
The ABCs of Money, Author

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