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How to Scale a Small Trading Account: Stocks & Options

Released on Thursday, May 13, 2021TRADING

NeuroStreet Trading Academy welcomes you to their new, upcoming webinar where sales professional, Jim Simmons, will break down how to grow a small trading account in the stock market. During the webinar he will show you NSTA's proven four-step trading system with results, universal trade setups for stocks and options, real trades, real fills, and student success! He will also cover core indicators NSTA relies on daily, proprietary stock scanners and filters, education lessons and strategy rules, and trade rooms and chat rooms with premarket watchlists.

By the end of this free class, you will know:

  • How to get a high-winning percent track record following NSTA's four-step easy trading plan.
  • Where to find the best "A" trades using their proven trade filtering process.
  • How to eliminate losing trades by following NSTA's instructors trading LIVE!
  • How to get rid of endless "Stopouts" and finally execute trades successfully.

Jim Simmons
NeuroStreet Trading Academy, Sales Professional

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