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A New Playing Field for Long-Short Hedge Funds

Released on Wednesday, October 4, 2023FUNDS
A radical change in central bank policy in the last 18 months coupled with the return of inflation have re-energized the market for long-short investing strategies. For much of the previous decade, near-zero-interest rate policies lured investors toward long-duration assets like tech stocks and long-term bonds The upshot is that long-short funds are finding new opportunities while traditional investors struggle to adjust to the new environment. Hear from several managers who are capitalizing on the changing landscape.

CFP Board Pending/1 Hour I&WI CE Credits

Thomas Hayes
Great Hill Capital, LLC, Founder, Chairman, and Managing Member
David Lundgren
MOTR Capital Management & Research, Inc., Founder & Chief Market Strategist
Ali Motamed
Invenomic Capital Management LP, Founder, Managing Partner, and Portfolio Manager

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