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The Money Multiplier Method

Released on Monday, October 14, 2019MONEY MANAGEMENT
Brent Kessler was $984,711 in third party debt. Hearing this 200-year-old concept, he was able to pay all of it off in 39 months. Mr. Kesler will be going in-depth on The Money Multiplier Method and teaching individuals how to break the bonds of financial slavery they don't even realize they are in! This is a method that he travels all around the country to teach; how to recycle, recapture, and keep total control of your hard-earned dollars; a method to avoid fractional reserve bankingabout it! Mr. Kesler will be showing you how to get ALL the money back for every car you will ever buy, drive, and own for you and your family, for the rest of your life.

Brent Kesler
The Money Multiplier, Money Coach and CEO

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