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Trading the Futures Indices just got better with the addition of Micro Eminis. On May 6th the CME Group has launched the Micro E-mini futures contracts for the, Dow,S&P 500, NASDAQ , and Russell 2000. These Indices trade at a 1/10th the size of the traditional E-mini bringing the futures markets to retail traders of all sizes, types, and risk tolerances.Discover the margin requirements, size and find out how these products can be the best choice for you when it comes to day and swing trading, core (position) trading and building positions by scaling in, averaging, or trailing out and damage control.Discover how you can unleash your Income Potential trading the FUTURES Micro and Mini ContractsJoin me as I will walk you through the following topics:The Basics, Futures Trading 101: When, Why, How to Trade FUTURES and the AdvantagesStock Trading vs. FUTURES TradingDay Trading & Swing Trading Futures Times FramesRisk / RewardWhy position sizing is more important than the strategy Averaging (scaling) In and Out of tradesAdd & Reduce How to use scaling as a form of "Damage Control"Chart discussion This is the perfect opportunity to learn and to get the personal attention in the exclusive Q&A session after the presentation!
Anka Metcalf
Duration: 46:42