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The key to making serious money in the stock market is to ONLY be bullish in bull markets, go to the sidelines in transition markets, and have a bear market strategy in bear markets. Of course, you must have a way to know where the market isis it in a bull-trend, a bear-trend or in between? Attend this session and I'll show you how to ALWAYS know that answer.But, in using this information, what if your portfolio could generate 4-TIMES the return of the S&P 500 by doubling the S&P 500 in bull markets AND move up two times faster than the market moves down in a bear market? That's right: 2x up in a bull market AND 2x up in a bear market. I will show you exactly how to create a portfolio that has that potential. Imagine making 4 times the return of the S&P 500 by following my algorithmic strategies? Sound impossible? It is not.Attend my session and I will show you how to make this happen starting right now. You cannot afford to miss this session!
Mike Turner
Duration: 50:11