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What's Safe in a Debt World?

Released on Tuesday, October 19, 2021STOCKS

Over half of the S&P500 is at or near junk bond status, including a lot of insurance companies, brokerages, and banks. With interest rates at zero, you have to enter speculative status to earn anything above 3%. Bonds are illiquid and negative yielding. There is an opportunity risk with locking yourself into a low-yielding investment. How old will you be in 30 or 40 years, when your bonds are set to mature? What can your broker sell you in this environment when you ask for safety? How do you get safe in an overleveraged, low-interest world?

Debt has been a huge issue in stocks, too, with growth tripling the returns of value stocks over the three-year period. Join Natalie Pace to learn 10 under-reported risks of traditionally "safe" assets and 10 strategies for protecting and growing your wealth in a world where bonds can be illiquid and negative-yielding, growth has tripled the returns of value and small caps are underperforming.

Natalie Pace
The ABCs of Money, Author

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