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Where to Go After The Election: Dividend Yield, Technology, Commodities, or Cash?

Released on Friday, November 11, 2022STOCKS
Now that the midterm elections have passed, here's a look into low risk-great reward investing opportunities. As the Federal Reserve is committed to raising interest rates at the expense of causing an economic slowdown , I am expecting a full-blown recession in 2023. With that stated, even in the direst economic times not all segments of the economy will suffer. Join John Person as he breaks down sectors to avoid and ones to focus on as we cover specific stocks in these sectors, especially stocks with good dividend yields and low principal risk. These are companies that may also present growth potential in a higher interest rate environment too. Select stocks we will cover will be in Technology, Consumer Staples, Travel, and Entertainment sectors as well as emerging market ETFs.

John Person
John Person, Inc., CEO

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