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Trading and Investing for Your Future—and Your Weekend Out

Released on Wednesday, August 11, 2021TOOLS
Market participants enter the financial arena for many different reasons. Whether actively thinking about it or not, the bottom line almost always comes down to the desire for short-term gains as well as the establishment of a secure financial future. From the standpoint of a technical trader, the skills for both are virtually interchangeable. In this class you will learn core technical skills required to read the upcoming trend in a market no matter which market is involved nor which time frame. Toni Hansen, a veteran trader with over 25-years of experience under her belt, will demonstrate how market tops form, and key differences between the beginning of a trend and its end. Pulling trades from diverse markets such as gold, forex, and grains, this session will open your eyes to situations where focusing on the short-term gains will be in your best interest, as well as how and when to protect short-term gains while building an investment in a longer-term position.

Toni Hansen, President and CEO

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