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Actionable Intelligence: Real-Time Insights and Actions to Improve Global Aviation Operations and Profitability

Released on Tuesday, January 12, 2021TECHNOLOGY
There is a large and growing worldwide opportunity to support the essential commercial aviation restructure itself through Covid-19 and beyond. Listen to Flyht's CEO, Bill Tempany, outline the company's software-first strategy to provide real-time data, insights, and actions to help the global aviation industry improve operations and profitability as the industry seeks to recover post Covid-19 and beyond. Flyht's Actionable Intelligence suite of software solutions delivers immediate ROI and cash flow savings for airline customers, meanwhile helping to build a solid and growing SaaS pipeline and recurring revenue stream for Flyht.

Alana Forbes
Flyht Aerospace Solutions, Ltd., Chief Financial Officer
Bill Tempany
Flyht Aerospace Solutions, Ltd., Interim CEO

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