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The New Normal: How to Trade Today's Markets with Under $10k

Released on Wednesday, August 5, 2020FUTURES
Matt Brown, founder and head trader,, will give a detailed look into how he has uncovered the rhythms of the futures market and turned that into a high-probability order-entry day-trading plan, complete with dynamic targets, trails, and stops. This presentation is for new or experienced traders who want to see time-tested strategies for trading the futures markets. During this session, Matt will introduce you to techniques that he and his students use to take their fair share of the markets profits daily. He will show you how probability stacking can lead to win percentages over 90% while taking on minimal risk. If you are having difficulty knowing where to get in, when to take profits, or holding on to trades for the big move, then this presentation is for you. It does not matter what your experience level is, as long as you have a desire to make daily income.

Matt Brown, Founder & Head Trader

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