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Retirement ETFs (Connecting the Dots with .T's)

Released on Wednesday, May 17, 2023ETFs
Asset Allocation ETFs have quickly become the cornerstone of investment portfolios for people planning for or in retirement. This is for good reason, the all-in-one approach provides diversification that complements most other holdings. Now with the new Fixed Percentage Distribution Units (T6 units) retirees benefit with the monthly distribution rate of 6% annually. Join Sa'ad Rana and Chris McHaney as they discuss how asset allocation ETFs have simplified portfolios and how they can help retirees ease the transition from accumulation to decumulation and provide reliable monthly cash flow. They discuss how these simple all-in-one ETFs can be an effective nest egg you can pass onto the next generation for estate planning purposes.

Chris McHaney
BMO ETFs, Director & Portfolio Manager, Exchange Traded Fund
Sa'ad Rana
BMO ETFs, Senior Associate

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