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Sponsored Content - The present monetary tightening cycle now seems to be nearing its end (as far as rate hikes by Fed Chairman “Fire Marshall Jay” and his crew are concerned, anyhow; The Fed will reportedly continue trimming its balance sheet for the foreseeable future). That has many investors giddy, says Chris Temple, editor and publisher, National Investor Publishing.
Technology bulls and bears fought Friday to a draw as traders remained unimpressed by the latest batch of stronger-than-expected earnings reports from big technology companies, states Jon Markman, editor of Strategic Advantage.
The November uptrend continued. All eleven S&P SPDR sectors were higher last week, notes Bonnie Gortler of
The West Texas Intermediate crude oil is out of whack with Brent crude and the rest of the commodity complex this morning, says Phil Flynn of PRICE Futures Group.
The EUR/USD’s upward drift continues as it edges ever closer to the 1.10 handle, now just 50 pips shy of that psychological barrier states Fawad Razaqzada of Trading Candles.
Good post-holiday-Monday-morning! Stocks finished last week off mixed, and they’re under a bit of pressure in the early going here. Gold and silver are notably higher, though, while crude oil is modestly lower. The dollar and Treasuries are flattish.
The main reason for the stock rally earlier in November was the sharp decline of long-term interest rates. The yield on the 10-year Treasury note plunged from almost 5% to 4.5%, a big move from bond markets. Meanwhile, I continue to like two large cap names with leverage to a handful of powerful trends, writes Carl Delfeld, editor of Cabot Explorer.
My twin grandsons, age seven, give me immeasurable joy. I especially enjoy reading bedtime stories to them. Recently on the docket was the 1930 classic The Little Engine That Could, and it occurred to me that now’s an opportune time to write about small-cap stocks and their strong prospects for next year. The iShares Russell 2000 ETF (IWM) is an ETF for profiting from them, advises John Persinos, editor of Investing Daily.
Apple (AAPL) reported fiscal fourth quarter sales dipped 1% to $89.5 billion, with net income up 11% to $22.96 billion and EPS up 13% to $1.46. During the conference call, CEO Tim Cook stated: “We’ve continued to invest in the future and managed for the long term. And we've carved a path of groundbreaking innovations and delivered with excellence every step of the way,” notes Ingrid Hendershot, editor of Hendershot Investments.
Traders have unique needs and opportunities in tax planning. Get organized well before the year-end so you don’t miss out, states Robert Green of

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Owner Operator (No Middlemen) with 15+ years in Business! The US economy is moving in a positive direction and oil prices are trending upward. In addition, OPEC's oil production cuts and tensions in the worldwide hotspots could be creating a future boom in the oil markets. Many recent articles point to oil prices, not only stabilizing but also potentially skyrocketing in the next few years. At Hornet, we can make money, even when oil is at $30 per barrel. Imagine what $80+ oil plus an aggressive tax write-off for investing in domestic oil and gas can do for your returns! Find out how you can participate in the next oil boom in one of the more hydrocarbon-rich areas in the US.


In today's fast-paced and data-driven financial landscape, staying ahead of the game is essential for traders and investors. This seminar will teach attendees to do just that. In an era where AI algorithms are becoming powerful decision-making tools, this seminar takes a novel approach by empowering traders and investors to think ahead of the algorithms.  Adrian will delve into strategies and insights that not only leverage the capabilities of AI but also equip participants with the critical thinking and foresight needed to anticipate these digital counterparts.  Attendees can expect to gain a deeper understanding of market dynamics, advanced risk management techniques, and a competitive edge that allows them to navigate the financial markets with confidence and intelligence, ensuring their investing and trading tactics are resilient and future ready.

Last year a recession was widely expected after GDP contracted in the first and second quarters. Investors were wrong. He didn’t think there would be a recession in 2022 as discussed with Money Show attendees. Most investors now think a recession will be avoided since GDP has been positive in the first three quarters of 2023. Will investors be fooled again?

Dr. Given will discuss the diagonal call spread and its superiority to the common vertical spread. But high win/loss ratios only accrue to particular trade set-ups. For traders with a tolerance for higher risk, diagonal call spreads may also be used as a play on a stock's earnings announcement.

Effective asset allocation is the key to building wealth. Join Inna Rosputnia, CEO of Managed Accounts IR, to go through effective allocation to increase returns and reduce risks, investment opportunities, tools, and strategies.

Learn more about drilling projects as Crown Exploration’s CEO discusses due diligence, potential long-term income, and valuable tax benefits of investing in Oil and Gas.

Pawport has developed a suite of sleek, high-tech products that will be launched to the public at CES in Las Vegas on January 9th, 2024. The Pre-launch investment opportunity closes on November 15, 2023.  The Pawport door is a smart, high-security pet door that connects via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to the Pawport app, enabling remote control and management, curfew and other scheduling functionality, voice control via Alexa, Siri, or Google, and pet-specific tracking and usage data.  Pawport’s patent was issued on February 16, 2021, and protects the retrofit market. Pawport is designed to fit on approximately 40 million existing pet doors installed worldwide by literally sliding on in seconds with no professional installation required.

The stock market will likely be moving into a long-term bear market in the coming year.  Avi will outline his parameters to identify when it will begin, and the expectations he has for such a market. 


Join Bloomberg Intelligence's chief equity strategist, Gina Martin Adams, CFA, CMT, for a live session on equity market investment strategies in a new era of high inflation and interest rate volatility, decoupling global growth prospects and ongoing policy uncertainty. Gina will offer perspective on global stocks in the TARA (There Are Reasonable Alternatives) era, dive into fundamental, technical, and quantitative trends driving equity markets, and she will introduce the team's approach to country, sector, and factor allocation strategies for equity portfolios.

Investing in the markets has been a knife fight in the phone booth for the last couple of years. Therefore, we’ve endeavored to find investments that correlate little to the overall markets. We firmly believe that asset classes such as Merger Arbitrage and Busted Convertibles provide an exceptional solution for clients seeking idiosyncratic returns in today’s uncertain world. We invite you to learn how these esoteric tactics have meaningfully benefited our clients.