6 Agricultural Names to Feed the World


Ramesh Gulati is eyeing companies equipped to meet infrastructure needs in the agricultural sector. In today's interview, he also tells Kate Stalter about some energy names to watch, and shares his views on how to use caution when going long or short on commodities ETFs.

Kate Stalter: We are talking today with Ramesh Gulati of Gulati Asset Management, and that company is located in Providence and in Vero Beach, Florida. Thank you so much, Ramesh, for joining us today.

Ramesh Gulati: Thank you Kate, I appreciate the opportunity.

Kate Stalter: Give us your take on the current market conditions, and anything that you believe individual investors should be aware of right now.

Ramesh Gulati: Let me give a quick disclaimer and disclosure, just so compliance is happy. Everyone please understand that Gulati Assessment Management takes no responsibility for any trading actions due to this discussion in this interview, and I recommend people talk to their own financial advisor.

Also, myself, my firm, and my clients may or may not have a position, either long or short, in any of the stocks discussed today. So, now that compliance is happy, let’s move ahead.

In regards to current marketing conditions, obviously everyone sees that the debt-ceiling talks have been going back and forth and whipsawing the market in some crazy way.

I believe they are really playing chicken, but they are playing with a loaded gun. If for some reason we do default on August 2, 2011, all bets are off. It will lead to global market turmoil.

We could possibly lose our AAA credit ratings for the first time in history.