Keith Fitz-Gerald just recently launched a new advisory service — One Bar Ahead™— that is poised to augment his reputation as one of the top stock selectors in the financial newsletter and investment research industry. Here, he looks at two leading pharmaceutical stocks, which he calls "Virus+" choices.

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The goal of the global growth and income section of our One Bar Ahead™ model portfolio — 40% of our investable capital — is appreciation potential and income, so expect to see dividend payers and players here.

Turnover may be based on a combination of technical and fundamental data and market action could also trigger entries and exits in this portion of our portfolio.

There is no question that Gilead Sciences (GILD) is perfectly poised to capitalize on treating coronavirus — and I think the fact that the stock is drifting around in the low $60 is great because the potential is so much higher.

Veklury, formerly known as Remdesivir, account for nearly $1.9 billion in sales in the fourth quarter of 2020, with the drug reportedly being used for 1 in 2 hospitalized COVID-19 patients. I don't see the virus disappearing anytime soon, and this will continue to be a good revenue driver that ultimately annuitizes revenues.

Looking beyind the virus, Gilead reported 40% in growth in their newer HIV therapy, Biktarvy. I am also pleased to see that they are starting sales for Trodelvy, a breast cancer treatment, which came as a result of their $21 billion Immunomedics deal last year.

Like Gilead, Pfizer (PFE) is a COVID-19 play with "Virus+" potential, and their latest earnings report reflects tremendous potential the market doesn't yet understand. I think it's a fabulous entry point as a result, because the Upjohn divestiture has yet to be properly reflected in their numbers.

Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine is 95% effective and expected to add $15 billion to the bottom line. And, not for nothing, there's now reportedly a third dose in the works that could help contain mutations.

This has the added benefit of effectively annuitizing revenues for the next decade or more which means the yield potential is that much more appealing.

I am also please to see double digit growth in almost every other area of the company's portfolio, including 21% growth in their oncology portfolio, specifically. I think there's a very real possibility that we solve cancer in the next 10 years and that Pfizer could play a key role in making that happen.

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