Today's challenging market conditions require even more knowledge than ever for investors and traders like you to keep pace with the latest market intelligence, safeguard your portfolios, and profit from opportunities that may only be available for short periods of time.

We've organized the most important information about a variety of financial topics from experts that are particularly relevant in today's financial markets that will impact your investments and your trading strategy. From managing your portfolio through volatility to the latest trading tactics to minimize risk and capitalize on opportunity, this guide is here to help you navigate today's volatile new world to invest smarter and trade wiser.

We will update these articles throughout the week with the latest content and coverage of the COVID-19's effects on the stock market and your portfolio.

Market and Sector Commentary:

Lessons of History: A Look Back at Bear Markets
10 Ways to Invest in a Changing Landscape
Are Utilities Still Safe Havens?
Market History and Waterfall Declines
What Do I Do Now: Buy, Sell, or Hold?
Signs of a Bottom and Two Top Buys
What You Need to Know About Bear Markets
Don't Fight the Fed

Stocks To Watch:

Roche and Danaher: Two Plays on Testing
Teledoc: A Trend That's Here to Stay
Walgreen's has the Right Prescription
Physicians Realty: Investment-Grade Check-Up
3 Plays in Telemedicine
Rapid Testing Could Give a Boost to Quidel
Novavax and Regeneron: Speculating on Vaccines
Regeneron Merits a Premium Valuation
Laboratory Corp. of America: A Pivotal Point in Virus Testing
Global Medical REIT: "Great Story and Great Yield"
5 Biotechs in Search of a Coronavirus Vaccine
A Watch List to Nibble On
Online Health for Your Watch List
Which Stocks will Recover First?
"Stay at Home" Stocks

The 5 Safest Dividend Stocks In The S&P 500:

The 5 Safest Dividend Stocks Part 1: Walmart
The 5 Safest Dividend Stocks Part 2: Clorox
The 5 Safest Dividend Stocks Part 3: Hormel
The 5 Safest Dividend Stocks Part 4: Colgate-Palmolive
The 5 Safest Dividend Stocks Part 5: Becton Dickinson & Company Videos & Webinars:

40 In 20 Out: The Real-Time Trend Trading Experiment
Day and Swing Trading the S&P 500 Using the Micro E-mini Stock Index Futures
Bullish or Bearish: What are Your Options?
How to Make Money in a Bear Market
How We Caught the Last Three Market Tops and What Every Serious Trader Needs to Know About This Bear Market
How Not to Miss Major Tops and Bottoms
How Traders are Succeeding in the New Market Environment
Battle-Tested Strategies for Volatile Markets
Lessons from China's Experience with COVID-19
Like It or Not, Your Money Still Needs China
Relative Strength Abroad: A Technical Update on China