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Battle-Tested Strategies for Volatile Markets

Released on Thursday, March 19, 2020STRATEGIES
In the midst of unprecedented volatility and panic, some investors run for the hills while others stand firm, garrison their portfolio, and find powerful opportunities among the chaos.

Join Carlton Neel, CEO of Chaikin Analytics, for a special event on what investors need to do right now, amidst coronavirus concerns and an oil price war, to protect themselves and even profit from volatility.

As a portfolio manager for over twenty years, Carlton Neel has lived through crashes and bear markets time and time again. Register now to find out his battle-tested strategies!

Plus, you'll find out:

  • The #1 industry you need to avoid at all costs right now

  • How to spot powerful opportunities right now and throughout 2020, using a proven approach

  • Keys to targeting stocks and sectors that flourish during volatile times like these

  • How to manage trading risk and find strategies suited to your risk tolerance

Carlton Neel
Chaikin Analytics, CEO

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