KCI: A Worldwide Perspective

08/22/2003 12:00 am EST


Gregg Early

Managing Director, Fresh Eyes Media

This issue of the Digest, which completes our coverage of the recent Atlantic City Money Show,  features the advice of advisors from KCI Communications-- Neil George, Elliott Gue, Ivan Martchev, Yiannis Mostrous, George Kleinman, and Roger Conrad. We include their philosophies, market outlooks, and favorite stock and fund picks which will take us on an investment tour around the globe.

Early, GreggOne of the most exciting aspects of the Money Shows are the panel discussions, during which a number of leading advisors debate their views on the overall market or a particular topic. The recent KCI Panel was hosted by the newsletter organization's executive editor, Gregg Early (pictured at left). The general consensus among the KCI editorial team is for caution. They see sub-par growth for the domestic economy and expect a set back for the general stock market in the coming months.  Despite this sense of caution, each of the editors on this team see a variety of special situation investment opportunities both in US markets and abroad. 

The stock and fund recommendations in this issue of The Money Show Digest come from the latest newsletters from the KCI editorial team, as well as from commentary at the KCI Panel, and from each of the respective advisors' workshops and seminars in Atlantic City. Their stock picks will take you from Washington DC to India, from China to Hungary, from Canada to Russia, and from Indonesia to Peru. Their selections cover telecommunications and information technology, financials, pharamceuticals, energy, and gold and silver. There are short sells, put recommendations, emerging growth markets, tech stocks, and mutual funds. Few of the ideas in this issue would be considered run of the mill. Rather, they tend to run the gamut from the eclectic to the esoteric. Some of the ideas are controversial and all are slightly off the mainstream. Despite the less than conventional nature of the picks in this issue, every recommendation, I believe, is intriguing and worthy of further consideration. We hope you enjoy this special report.

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