Welcome to the Money Show Digest

08/29/2002 12:00 am EST


Steven Halpern

Editor, thestockadvisors.com

Welcome to the first issue of the Money Show Digest, a new and exciting investment advisory service that will give you unequalled access to the current opinions of many of the nation's top investment advisors.  This initial issue offers highlights from speeches and seminars presented at The San Francisco Money Show.  Future weekly issues will continue to present a wealth of investment ideas,  and you can receive this weekly service for free.

Niels Bohr once quipped, "It's tough to make predictions, especially about the future." Nowhere is that saying more applicable than in the stock market. Investing is an extremely difficult endeavor, and successful investing requires skill, patience, hard work, and in-depth knowledge. One's only chance of consistently tilting the odds in their favor is to be well informed. Indeed, accurate and timely information is the key ingredient in any successful long-term investment program. That is the goal of the new Money Show Digest - to expose you to the best and latest thinking of many of the nation's most respected money managers, financial newsletter writers, and investment advisors. It's like having your own private research staff helping you make your investment decisions.

As the former editor of Dick Davis Publishing and a nationally syndicated columnist for Knight-Ridder Newspapers, I've edited financial digests for nearly two decades. My entire career has been spent reading and monitoring the nation's leading stock market seers and presenting investors with an overview of the very best of the best in the financial advisory business. The chance to work on this project with InterShow is the most exciting step in that career.

In the past, my editorial work was only available to paid subscribers. Now, in association with The Money Show, the Money Show Digest is FREE. (If, however, you prefer not to receive the Digest, just click on the "Change your Subscription" link on the Web site. On the other hand, if you would like to share this opportunity with others, you can send a link to this site to your friends, family, or business associates, so they can add their own names to our mailing list.)

The Money Shows have long been known for bringing together individual investors with the nation's leading investment pros and this Digest will bring you highlights from all four Money Show events. While no written summary is a substitute for attending the shows or subscribing to your favorite newsletter, this Digest will present readers with a handy and timely overview of some of the very best information available. Even more importantly, the Money Show Digest will be published each and every week, keeping you abreast of the ongoing advice of these leading Money Show speakers throughout the entire year.

Through excerpts from their newsletters, Web sites, and interviews, the Money Show Digest will feature top stock picks, favorite mutual funds, and alternative investment opportunities, as well as general investment advice, market forecasts, and commentary on various market approaches and investment strategies. In this section, I will also share my personal insights on investing, the financial markets, and the advisory community. I will be happy to answer your questions, and I encourage readers to contact me with questions, comments, and suggestions at DigestEditor@intershow.com.

We hope you find the Money Show Digest to be a valuable part of your investment program. We believe this new online service will prove to be an exceptional source of thought-provoking and potentially profitable investment ideas. We give you our assurance that the Money Show Digest will be the highest quality, timeliest, and most informative investment digest available. Welcome aboard!

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