Mars Begins Month-Long Virus Tension

07/31/2020 9:50 am EST


Susan Gidel

Editor, Red Letter Trading Days

Stars predict greater tension around Covid-19 numbers, reports Susan Gidel.

The trading week and the month kick off with a Full Moon in Aquarius on Monday that makes a tension-filled aspect to Uranus. This could highlight difficult or unexpected change, particularly around money, as Uranus is in the sign of Taurus, which is ruled by money planet Venus.

On Tuesday, Mars is exactly square to Jupiter, which could portend trying to do too much when it comes to being generous. Of more import, however, is that this transit is first of three that Mars makes this month with the three heavyweight planets in Capricorn this year—Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto—that revitalizes tension around the coronavirus almost all month as Mars and Pluto rule epidemics and Saturn rules restrictions. Mars squares Pluto on Aug.  13 and Saturn on Aug. 24. Thus, be on the lookout for a surge in cases and the potential for a rollback of reopenings back to lockdowns, particularly at mid-month.

Wednesday, Aug. 5 marks summer’s halfway point, so was on W.D. Gann’s calendar as a day for potential change in trend.

  • Crude Oil high on Wednesday, Aug. 5: Prices could get a boost as the transiting Sun is in an easy, supportive aspect to the market’s first-trade Sun/Mercury and Jupiter/Uranus. At the same time, the transiting Moon also is trine its first-trade horoscope position. Look for planetary price conversion resistance in the September contract first at $41.72 per barrel, then $42.23 and $42.88.
  • Gold low on Wednesday, Aug. 5: Gold could get a boost as the transiting Sun makes its annual conjunction to the market’s first-trade Moon at 13 Leo. Mercury at 00 Leo throws in some support, too. In December gold, planetary price conversion support could appear at $1,933 per oz., then $1,905.
  • Soybeans high on Thursday, Aug. 6: The transiting Sun and Mars form a Grand Trine with the market’s sensitive first-trade Jupiter for a highlight on how good it can get. At the same time, the transiting Moon is aligned with the market’s first-trade Saturn to signal a stopping point. Look for resistance in November beans between the planetary price conversion levels of $9.03 per bu. to $9.12.
  • S&P 500 high on Thursday, Aug. 6: The first-trade Sun and Moon are each activated by transiting conjunction from the Moon and Mars, respectively, which often happen at highs. In addition, transiting Venus forms a Grand Trine with first-trade Mercury and Neptune, while transiting Mercury is aligned with first-trade Uranus. From the end-of-cycle planetary price conversion level of 3223, other potential upside resistance levels include 3256, 3291 and 3304.

Last Week’s Scorecard (through Thursday’s close)


  • S&P 500 low on Friday, July 24: The stock market hit a low of 3200.25 as its first-trade Moon, Uranus, Mars and Jupiter were activated by planets in the sky.
  • 10-year Treasury note high on Friday, July 24: The September contract price equaled its March 25 high of 139-250, then fell to a low of 139-080 by July 28.

Pretty Darn Good

  • Gold high on Monday, July 27: August gold prices hit new all-time highs on July 28 at $1,974.80 per oz. and on July 29 at $1,974.90, surpassing the September 2011 nearby futures high of $1,911.60. The July 27 close was $2 shy of the significant planetary price conversion level of $1,933, and the July 30 low tested that same conversion level.
  • S&P 500 low on Monday, July 27: Hmmm. Seems duplicative of the previous Friday’s call for a low. See comment above under Bullseye!
  • 10-year Treasury note low on Wednesday, July 29: The September 10-year T-note made a low the previous day, July 28, at 139-080 and rallied to a high by July 30 of 140-020.

For more about the Fed’s horoscope chart and how eclipses affected it in both 2020 and 2001, please see my blog post, “Eclipse Spotlights Fed as Key World Player.
The position of planets in the sky as they relate to their positions when a market first began trading can provide clues to potential trend changes. The energy is strongest on the days noted in this post, but it is not unusual for the effect to be seen a day or two either side. See backgrounder “Market Analysis with Astrology” for further information. Susan Gidel is editor of the Red Letter Trading Days newsletter.

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