Gold High, S&P Low on Monday, Says the Stars

07/24/2020 9:42 am EST


Susan Gidel

Editor, Red Letter Trading Days

Susan Gidel says next week will get off to a rough start but includes big ideas.

This week gets off to a rough start as fast-moving planets Mercury and Venus literally square off against Mars and Neptune on Monday. Venus square Neptune makes for tough financial conditions, and Mercury square Mars invites arguments of all sorts.

Neptune, the planet that rules creative fantasy and delusion, is supported early in the week by optimistic Jupiter. Between those two planets, there is the opportunity for grand, optimistic plans that could sound far-fetched.

On Thursday, Mercury—ruler of trading and stock indexes—is opposite Jupiter and trine Neptune. This is the day that there could be big, big talk about the inspired ideas from earlier in the week.

  • Gold high on Monday, July 27: The two benefic planets, Venus and Jupiter, are exactly 120 degrees apart in the sky and connected to the gold market’s first-trade Venus by similar aspects for a potential price peak. Mars plays a supporting role in its trine to the market’s first-trade Mars, while transiting Mercury (trading) is conjunct natal Saturn (restriction). With the Moon conjunct first-trade Uranus, trading could be volatile. The all-time high in gold futures is at $1,911.60 per oz. from September 2011. The first two planetary price resistance levels past $1900 are at $1905 and $1933.
  • S&P 500 low on Monday, July 27: The Sun is aligned with the market’s natal Uranus, a planet often activated at a low. In addition, transiting Mars is exactly aligned with the market’s first-trade Moon, while transiting Mercury is square. Support could appear first at the planetary price conversion levels of 3210-13, then 3190 and 3123-34.
  • 10-year Treasury note low on Wednesday, July 29: The transiting Moon connects exactly to first-trade Uranus, one of the sensitive corners of a mystic rectangle formation in the market’s natal chart, which means it also is opposite Mercury in another corner. In addition, the Sun is in easy aspects with both Mercury and Uranus. Finally, transiting Mercury and Jupiter are hugging the natal chart’s horizon line. Prices remain in between a broad range of planetary price conversion levels of 136-08 and 143-70.
  • Euro FX low on Thursday, July 30: Three exact aspects from transiting planets portend a low. First is that the transiting Moon and Mars are connected to the market’s first-trade Venus by trine and conjunction, respectively. Second, transiting Venus is aligned with the market’s first-trade midheaven. That both the first-trade and transiting Venus are in play is significant as Venus is the ruler of money. The third aspect is that transiting Saturn is exactly square to where it was when Euro FX began trading. Look for planetary price conversion support in the September contract at 1.1360-1.1380.
  • Soybean low on Thursday, July 30: Three transits indicate a potential low in soybeans. First is that Venus is conjunct the market’s first-trade Moon. In a switcheroo, the transiting Moon is conjunct first-trade Venus. Third, transiting Mars is opposite the market’s natal Sun. Planetary price conversion support for November beans is at $8.87 per bu., then $8.73-$8.75.

Last Week’s Scorecard (through Thursday’s close)


  • Soybean high on Monday, July 20: The New Moon that was exactly conjunct the market’s first-trade Pluto at 28 Cancer set a market high at $9.02 per bu. and fell to $8.88 ¼ two days later. These two prices were near neighboring planetary price conversion levels of $9.03 and $8.87.  

Pretty Darn Good

  • Crude Oil high on Monday, July 20: The market’s first-trade opposition between Mars and Pluto gets hit hard from two directions. The September contract high of $42.51 per barrel was just shy of the end-of-cycle planetary price conversion level of $42.88.

Off the Mark

  • Gold low on Wednesday, July 22: The gold market made a low the previous day at $1817.20 and also broke through the July 8 high of $1829.80. By July 23, gold had rallied to $1897.70.

For more about the Fed’s horoscope chart and how eclipses affected it in both 2020 and 2001, please see my blog post, “Eclipse Spotlights Fed as Key World Player.
The position of planets in the sky as they relate to their positions when a market first began trading can provide clues to potential trend changes. The energy is strongest on the days noted in this post, but it is not unusual for the effect to be seen a day or two either side. See backgrounder “Market Analysis with Astrology” for further information. Susan Gidel is editor of the Red Letter Trading Days newsletter.

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