Many cryptocurrencies on the market, according to analysts, are unpredictable or have little value, states Konstantin Rabin, Content Editor at

Ethereum (ETH) is still second only to Bitcoin (BTC) in terms of market capitalization, but the Ethereum price forecast remains contentious. Because the basic fees are being abolished, the potential of Ethereum is expected to increase by the end of August and September. However, the future does not seem promising.

Ethereum, like Bitcoin, is a distinct blockchain with its own digital money. In reality, some features of the two projects coincide one to one. Both currencies, for example, are decentralized. Bitcoin and Ethereum are not supported by any nation or government.

However, here is where the parallels stop. Ethereum's technology is capable of much more than enabling quick digital transactions.

Ethereum, for example, provides smart contract technology. This is a safe method of finalizing digital contracts without first establishing mutual confidence.

Background History of Ethereum

Unfortunately, not even we have a crystal ball. We, like everyone else, did not see the coronavirus coming, and we could not have predicted how much of an effect it would have on the cryptocurrency market.

The price of Ethereum increased nearly dramatically throughout 2017 and early 2018. This was accomplished via the use of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) (ICOs). Each of these enterprises has its own currency. You might join in these projects as an investor by giving them Ethereum. You got these new tokens in exchange. ICOs were incredibly popular in 2017 and 2018, and since they required ether, the demand for them skyrocketed. Investors are now thinking twice before putting their money into a new project with big promises.

There is no question that the 2018 bear market was severe, with Ethereum losing more than 92 percent of its value—but it has since recovered from a price of less than $100.

The Ethereum blockchain is without a doubt the most robust smart contract platform available. 96 percent of the top 100 tokens by market capitalization are Ethereum-based. Ethereum makes over 89 percent of the top 1,000 best tokens.

Two big breakthroughs have the potential to propel ether to unprecedented heights. The first is the implementation of a new algorithm known as proof-of-stake. The second is the advancement of DeFi.

With the resurgence of Bitcoin's record high, all eyes are on it: volumes and interest are increasing, and new institutional investors are on their way. However, long-term crypto investors favor Ethereum 2.0: the project has already achieved the TOP-30 in terms of capitalization.

Ethereum is scheduled to transition from the existing proof-of-work system to proof-of-stake by 2022. Miners will no longer need energy-intensive mining. Instead, staked ether will protect the network. According to some analysts, it will improve its scalability, security, and sustainability, and hence the value of Ethereum will grow as well.

Ethereum Price Forecast For 2022

If Bitcoin begins a bull run, Ethereum might also hope for it. With the pandemic breakout, the globe went into hibernation for a few months, which had a detrimental influence on cryptocurrencies, leading Bitcoin to plummet, with even 40% daily losses reported. Because of the overall growth in crypto values, Ethereum's USD-denominated value will climb. The exchange rate between Ethereum and BTC is expected to fall. Nonetheless, Ethereum is one of the greatest bets for significant wins, since money often flows from Bitcoin winners to blue-chip altcoins and high cap currencies before trickling down to lesser-known and smaller projects.

The increasing trend persisted until May 11. Because of the global cryptocurrency slump, there has been a huge drop since May 12. Some of Elon Musk's tweets regarding Bitcoin-related environmental problems are thought to be the cause of this trend. The price dropped from $4,179.76 on May 11 to $2,099.58 on May 23.

The destiny of Ethereum is inextricably linked to the fate of Bitcoin. Bitcoin fell below $30,000 in June 2021 as a result of China's latest mining ban. Ethereum has no option but to follow in its wake.

All Ethereum investors would want to see the good forecasts come true. Ethereum's price is not predicted to hit $3,000 until March 2023. Even so, it will not be a consistent outcome, but rather a maximum price. The average Ethereum price will not hit $3,000 until September 2024.

Some analysts believe Ethereum's average price will not rise over $3,000 in 2021. This year, all traders can hope for is a moderate but consistent increase in the value of Ethereum. The all-time high is expected to be hit in December - $2,856.961. In September, the minimum price is estimated to be $2,256.266. There will be no precipitous drops, which is excellent news. The average price will rise from $1,723.23 in July to $2,856.961 in December.

Some analysts predict that Ethereum will remain over the $3,000 mark in September, with the starting price at $3,015.600. The maximum price will be $4,008.200 on December 31, while the average will be $3,724.940. On September 1st, the minimum is $2,732.410. The general trend is positive.

By Konstantin Rabin, Content Editor at website.