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About Konstantin

Konstantin Rabin has been in marketing and advertising since 2011. After leading marketing efforts of one of the largest financial brokerages and an innovative b2b fintech company, he decided to go solo and is now focusing on consulting financial companies on how to drive the best results from their digital marketing efforts. Next to this, Mr. Rabin has been showing interest in the recent regulation of the most competitive industries: finance and iGaming.

Konstantin's Articles

One of the terms many traders and readers might come across in the financial media is the term commodity currencies, explains Konstantin Rabin of
It goes without saying that many traders attach a great deal of importance to the forex economic calendars, states Konstantin Rabin, editor at
One of the things forex traders might come across quite frequently is the so-called Big Mac Index. This might sound like a strange term, explains Konstantin Rabin of Finance Makers.
When it comes to forex trading one of the relatively less risky methods to use is the so-called carry-trading strategy. This might sound like a complicated term, but the basic premise behind this is quite simple, explains Konstantin Rabin of
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