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Konstantin Rabin has been in marketing and advertising since 2011. After leading marketing efforts of one of the largest financial brokerages and an innovative b2b fintech company, he decided to go solo and is now focusing on consulting financial companies on how to drive the best results from their digital marketing efforts. Next to this, Mr. Rabin has been showing interest in the recent regulation of the most competitive industries: finance and iGaming.

Konstantin's Articles

One of the things many investors wonder about the forex market is whether or not the US government follows a strong dollar policy and if it is so, then what implications can it have on the currency exchange rates, explains Konstantin Rabin of MiltonPrime Brokerage.
The purchasing power parity indicator, also known as the PPP, is one of the most important long-term indicators in forex trading, explains Konstantin Rabin of MiltonPrime Brokerage.
One of the things many financial advisors and experts talk about is the importance for individuals to have some sort of an emergency fund, explains Konstantin Rabin of
Forex trading is legal in the United States, although there are certain inconsistencies as compared to trading on other continents, explains Konstantin Rabin of Top Brokers.