Selling Cash-Secured Puts: Four Practical Applications

Put-selling is a low-risk option strategy with the critical goals of generating cash flow with capital preservation in mind. One of the many benefits of selling cash-secured puts is its flexibility to be utilized in a multiplicity of circumstances such that it can accommodate various strategy goals and personal risk-tolerances. Best-selling author and president of The Blue Collar Investor, Alan Ellman, will detail what you need to know to take advantage of this versatile investment approach.


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Alan Ellman
The Blue Collar Investor Corp., President
Dr. Ellman is president of The Blue Collar Investor Corp., and author of bestselling books on covered call writing and selling puts. His 4th book, Stock Investing for Students, is now required reading at several colleges. He has also produced several video courses and published hundreds of articles and videos on this subject. Alan has been a frequent guest on financial forums such as the Options Industry Council's Wide World of Options and The Money Answers Radio program. He is also a national speaker for The Money Show, the Options Industry Council and the American Association of Individual Investors. Alan has also completed the Series 65-Investment Advisor Rep requirements.


Course Content

3 Chapters • 2:02:03 Duration
  • Overview of Each of the Four Approaches
  • Definition of Terms
  • The Best Way to Identify Stocks to Use in These Strategies
  • Stock Selection
  • Option Selection
  • Position Management
  • Traditional Selling of Cash-Secured Puts
  • The PCP (Wheel) Strategy (Combining Put-Selling with Covered-Call Writing)
  • Using Put-Selling to Replace Limit Orders and Buy Stocks at a Discount
  • An Ultra-Low-Risk Put/Delta Strategy

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