Creating a Covered-Call Writing Portfolio Start to Finish

Alan Ellman, The Blue Collar Investor Corp., President

Covered-call writing is a strategy that can be crafted to achieve a multitude of objectives. Conservative individual investors are always looking for strategies that will elevate portfolio returns and generate income in a low-risk manner. Dr. Allan Ellman, president of The Blue Collar Investor Corp., and author of four best-selling books on covered-call writing, will teach you low-risk option strategies that can be implemented to achieve a monthly income stream, as well as beef up returns on current stock positions. 


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2 Chapters • 1:55:09 Duration
A basic overview of covered-call writing will initiate the session, including definition of covered-call writing, followed by the best way to identify stocks to use in this strategy, and then detailed examples with calculations. The initial structuring of your covered call writing portfolio is critical to achieving the highest returns and will be covered in detail.
Once a position is established, we move to position-management mode. The three-required skills that will allow you to become elite covered call writers: stock selection, option selection, and position management will be covered. Real-life examples will be analyzed describing how the stocks and options are selected, as well as how to set up the overall portfolio based on cash available, strategy goals, and personal risk-tolerance. Various spreadsheets will be used to simplify the process.

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Alan Ellman
The Blue Collar Investor Corp., President
Dr. Ellman is president of The Blue Collar Investor Corp., and author of bestselling books on covered call writing and selling puts. His 4th book, Stock Investing for Students, is now a required reading at several colleges. He has also produced several video courses and published hundreds of articles and videos on this subject. Alan has been a frequent guest on financial forums such as the Options Industry Council's Wide World of Options and The Money Answers Radio program. He is also a national speaker for The Money Show, the Options Industry Council and the American Association of Individual Investors. Alan has also completed the Series 65-Investment Advisor Rep requirements.

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